Our Values & Accomplishments


Justice & Fairness for All

Housing is a Human Right

  • Tenant Protection Ordinance & Eviction Defense

  • Streamlined ADUs and Approved Hundreds of Affordable Homes

  • Prefabricated “Step-Up” Housing for the Homeless

Investing in Our Community

  • Largest Pedestrian and Bike Safety Investment in a Generation 

  • Restored Funding for South Berkeley Non-Profits

Protecting Families

  • Berkeley Relief Fund for Small Businesses and Tenants 

  • Paid Family Leave & Medical Debt Relief

  • Divesting from Trump’s Border Wall and ICE 

  • Protective Gear for Alta Bates ICU Nurses


Legislative Wins! 


Promoting health through community-led initiatives. Ensuring that healthcare is a human right and that access to healthcare is affordable and equitable.


Ensuring that employees, small businesses, and renters have the protections and programs in place to provide stability and assurance to our communities.

  • Small Business Support

  • Tenant Support

  • Protecting Essential Workers


Protecting our environment through next generation initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and address climate injustice.

  • EV Support

  • Natural Gas Ban

  • Ban on Toxic Paper Receipts

  • Residential Wind Power

  • Plastic Straw Ban

  • Climate Mitigation Policy

  • Disaster Preparedness Fire Plan

Public Safety

Increasing public safety through accountability. Ben is committed to addressing the inequities in our current criminal justice system and keeping all of our community safe.

Families & Women

Standing up for women by addressing systemic inequities and building programs to empower our new generation of families.

  • Summer Learning Loss

  • Paid Family Leave

  • Equal Rights for Non-Traditional Families

  • Banning Prior Salary History

  • School Supplies for Low Income Students

Neighborhood Equity

Promoting equity through responsible safety measures and a call for property tax fairness.

  • Property Tax Fairness and Equity

  • Street Spending to Promote Pedestrian Safety

  • Bike Lanes on Adeline

  • Restored Funding for South Berkeley Non-Profits

  • Vision Zero Initiative

  • Green Space Equity

  • Adeline Corridor Community Benefits District


Standing up for our immigrant communities while further enhancing our initiatives that ensure all individuals are welcome in our City.


Defending workers by supporting enhanced protections and investing in the next generation of infrastructure improvements.


Empowering our community through critical investments in our healthcare workers, community services, and public spaces.

Housing Justice

Building the future of Berkeley through affordable housing infrastructure and promoting stronger protections for tenants.

Economic Justice


The Agenda Moving Forward


  • COVID-19 Readiness

  • Affordable Housing Boom

  • Adeline Corridor 50% Affordable

  • Ashby BART Affordable Housing

  • Universal Healthy Streets

  • Economic Recovery

  • Berkeley Green New Deal

  • Universal Basic Income Pilot




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Berkeley, CA 94702

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